We'll pick the right lift for the job at Innovative Reach!

Our fleet of three atrium, 95’ atrium manlifts empowers you to reach even your most challenging areas. Plus, you’ll have the ability to acquire a 138-foot lift when you choose us. We also send out an OSHA-trained ground operator every time you rent, so you don’t have to worry about learning complex controls.

Lifts fold up to fit through a 36″ door. Four legs then spider out to adapt to the lift’s environment. These legs are adjustable for your convenience. Every lift is also subject to meticulous annual inspection by ReachMaster to ensure the safest and most convenient service on the market.

This process ends up being easier, faster, and more convenient than scaffolding.

Your Facility Will Attain Upkeep… and Great Impressions

When you choose Innovative Reach to supply your manlifts, your facility can benefit from painting or spray foam insulation without hassle. We appreciate the places that have a unique touch, and Innovative Reach can make that unique touch easily achievable.  

Contact us now to find out which of our 95’ atrium manlifts is the best for your project!

Additional​ ​working​ ​heights​ ​of​ ​105’,​ ​121’,​ ​and​ ​138’​ ​Atrium​ ​Manlifts​ ​available​ ​upon​ ​request.

Innovative Reach Lift

95 Foot Lift Technical Features

  • 95’ working height
  • 89’ Platform height
  • Fits through a 36" door
  • 440 lbs. Maximum basket load
  • 45+ foot Outreach
  • 8’6” Minimum outrigger setting (verses standard 12’ setting - a major increase in flexibility)
  • Two 10-foot jibs (allows reaching over obstacles)
  • Electrically powered (feature that allows work in any environment)
  • 360-degree turret rotation
  • 110 V AC power supply in the basket
  • Air/water supply in the basket
  • Outrigger with flexible knee (increases where the lift can be used)
  • 180-degree basket rotation
  • Designed for 100 lbs./sq. ft. floor system
  • Stowed length is 20’8”
  • Service comes with an OSHA trained On-Site assistant
  • Nationwide Service Area

We rent advanced wheel-based vs track based Atrium lift which work very well indoors on a variety of sensitive surfaces.

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